Freedommark brands


“...clients obtain high quality human resource services similar to those provided by the human resource departments of larger companies but at a 'scaled' or greatly reduced cost”


Pathmark is an Administrative Service Organization (ASO) providing HR, Payroll and Benefits administration services. Our management team has over 29 years of human resources, payroll and benefits administration experience.

Pathmark's ASO provides small organizations with between 1-50 employees and medium sized companies with 51 to 100 employees an economical alternative to the expense and burden of maintaining their own fully staffed in-house HR, payroll and benefits departments for a fraction of the cost. For larger companies with 100 or more employees who have already invested in those resources in house, we support that in-house staff with our comprehensive set of HR, payroll and benefits tools and resources which reduces your operating cost and liability. As an ASO managing hundreds of clients and employees, Pathmark is able to take full advantage of certain economies of scale unavailable to small employers which is then passed on to you. The result is that our smaller clients obtain high quality services and employee benefits, including 401k similar to those only provided to larger companies, but at a "scaled" or greatly reduced cost.



Freedomsure is a service-oriented multi-line insurance agency focused on providing quality services for small business owners and employees, as well as individuals. We have over 20 years of satisfied customers.


“Freedomsite is your long-term partner, helping you to harness the power of your website...”


Freedomsite consists of a team of web professionals who make the Web work for you - instead of the other way around. With 14 years of experience, Freedomsite is your long-term partner, helping you to harness the power of your website by informing both customers and prospects of the unique benefits offered by your company. This communication saves time and speeds the conversion of prospects into customers. For customers, your well-built website gives them access to the information they need, when they need it – service after the sale.

Freedomsite services include:

  • Website design with the goal of enticing visitors and customers to learn about your business and interest then in contacting you through the web.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) raises the profile of your site by using key search words included on your site.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) advertises on the web to increase traffic to your site.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) has the potential to positively engage both business customers and prospects in dialogues about your company and its products and services.
  • E-commerce solutions for your customers.
  • Customized database tools for your customers, with password protection, allow your customers to track information on your relationship: invoices, ship or delivery dates, contact information, etc.
  • Regular site maintenance and security audits to ensure that you are using up-to-date software, as well as file back-up programs and custom insurance, provided by Freedomsure, to protect your business.
  • THE BEST PART --- We can spread your annual costs out monthly or include billing with your other Freedommark services. Essentially, you can handle your web services like your Yellow Page advertising - in small monthly payments, even if the majority of the services are provided upfront.