about Freedommark

about us

Freedommark Inc., was formed in 2009 to unite several complimentary business solutions with a common goal. We work with business owners to “free” up their time and efforts from important issues – employment, risk management and web site effectiveness – so that they can focus on the most vital issue: Getting Back to Business. Our philosophy is simple. We build long lasting relationships by serving clients with respect, dignity and service standards designed to exceed expectations. Why? Because we want to help your business grow and succeed!

Freedom runs through all of our companies’ names because our mission is to free you to pursue your goals with the same intensity and resolve you once had.

  • Freedom from the tyrannies of employment related responsibilities and risks.
  • Freedom from the worries of insurance and risk management.
  • Freedom from the concerns of a fast-changing marketing world — using the internet to gain new customers, and keep current customers engaged.

Freedommark will ensure compliance, insure risks, and assure customers of success through their web activities.

We seek nothing less than to free our customers from issues that distract from their company’s mission.

Freedommark smoothly blends proven service offerings and new technologies to deliver value to our customers. Pathmark features skilled managers and customer service personnel with over 24 years in the industry. Freedomsure brings over 20 years of quality insurance agency experience. Freedomsite has been delivering quality design and proven approaches to successful web sites for 7 years.